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the primary is over. >> one high profile vase decided and another is too close to call. hello, i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. >> here's what people are talking about this noon, it's too close to call this hour. we'll have more in a moment and we'll begin with the breaking news from baltimore county where kamenetz won the county executive seat. he leads bartenfelder 52% to 44% of the vote. bartenfelder conceded the race. wjz-13 is live with the coverage. adam may is live. he spoke a few moments ago with the winner. >> reporter: yes, kamenetz left the building here, the votes were painfully slow to come in and finally, we had a concession and a victory seat.
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>> and i think in the campaign, i was relying on red bull to keep me awake and energized and the fall campaign still continues. so, thank you. >> reporter: kevin kamenetz declares victory for the democratic primary. >> this was a hard fought contest and each side pushed forward their ideas and goals before the voters and again, the voters have spoken. it's really time we put our differences behind us and i reach out to everyone in baltimore county to heal our division and we need to go together. once again, we'll be democrats united. >> reporter: the race against the fellow councilman was the most expensive. bartenfelder said he would like to thank his supporters and friends and family. he's part of the type of campaign he ran -- that focused
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on the issues for all of the citizens. i concede and i wish the citizens well. >> i'm honored to be the nominee for the executive. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: kamenetz will face ken holt in the election. i had a long conversation with kamenetz. he said he spent a lot of money in the race and he's jumping back in and raising money. he's opening the doors and trying to bring the democratic party together before the general. reporting live, i'm adam may. jessica, back to you. and there's no clear winner in the high profile race for state's attorney in baltimore. right now, the challenger leads
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pat jessamy by 1400 votes. wjz-13 campaign 2010 coverage begins with mike hellgren and absentee ballots could decide the race. >> reporter: good afternoon. there are 3000 ballots and they provide uncertainty and that's why he's not declaring victory just yet. jessamy showed no signs of slowing down late into the night as she greeted supporters. right now, she's behind her challenger with 27,700 votes to his 29,121. we're confident that the voters elect the best person. we'll await the return. >> reporter: the race could come down to the absentee ballots. 3600 were requested. >> i had terrific people running a great campaign. i wouldn't do anything differently. >> reporter: the race has been
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the most contention for the state's attorney. the police commissioner endorsed bern teen and draw jessamy's fire and there was a tragedy to draw jessamy soft on crime. jessamy gave $100,000 to her campaign. >> whether they're working for me or not, i thank them, exercising a responsibility in engaging yourself in the process is something to be commended. >> i had terrific people running a great campaign. i wouldn't do anything differently. >> reporter: right now, bernstein has 1421 votes ahead. and we've been on the phone with the officials. they won't begin counting the ballots until tomorrow morning at 10:00. it could be some time before we
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know the out come of the race. >> all right, thank you, mike and now, over to don. >> and some other maryland races are decided. governor o'malley crewed to a victory into a rematch with ehrlich. the u.s. senate race shaped up as expected. mikulski will face wargotz. and washington, d.c. will have a new mayor soon. the incumbent is ousted by gray. he serves as the chairman of the destruct council. he won by 7%. also, the tea party pushes another candidate to victory in delaware. the newcomer won that primary and o'donnell peat out the nine term congressman and mike castle. remember, wjz-13 is always on. for updates on the results and lot of reaction, go to now, on to the rest of campaign
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2010. many meanwhile, a school is on lockdown after a body is discovered on school grounds. a jogger found the body at 7:00 this morning. right now, foul play is not suspected. the investigators don't believe the victim was connected to the school. 15 connection officers are on leave pending an investigation into a force complaint. it's because of a detainee at the detention center. the officers were placed on leave, they may be witnesses to the alleged misconduct. and there's a about a week left to summer. take a live look outside right now. another sunny afternoon and that's reflected in the inner harbor and we'll have the coverage for you and marty bass joins us from the weather center. hello, don, thank you very
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much. we'll take a look at the temperatures and specifically, the dew point number. the further away from each other, the dryer and more comfortables the. 75 degrees downtown and the dew point of 50 and 71 elkton and 70 westminster and 70s in frederick and 70 in minneapolis and 70 on kent island. almost 80 in district. that's skewed by the urban island of the district of columbia. we're getting dry again and now, we're seeing the special weather statements. this is going to be the precursor for the red flag warnings for the dry conditions of the upper eastern shore of delaware and south jersey. there's moisture trying to stream our way. let's say tomorrow and late afternoon and tomorrow night and into friday morning. we're on the southern edge of the good rain showers.
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i'm not too sure we'll get the moisture. come on back here, we'll watch this if we get the rain. we'll watch and see if we can stave off the red flag warnings. en we'll watch the beautiful and dry weekend. bernadette woods and tim williams are off this day. i'll handle the duties in the first warning weather center. that's coming up shortly. marty, thank you. we're two weeks into the school year and salt lake city -- vacancies remain. some teachers still hadn't received their assignments when the classes began. 100 contracts weren't renewed. the wife of joe biden is at anne arundel community college today. dr. jill biden is talking to the community college. and president obama wants the u.s. to lead the world in
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awarding college degrees by 2010. he's counting on community colleges to reach the goal. still to come at noon. coming home, one of the american hikers held in prison for a year is a free woman. emergency crews arrive on the scene of a family pet in distress. and take another live look outside. and stick around, your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sara shores is a free woman today. the iranny officials say that the rulers mediated a deal for $500,000 in bail for her release. two other americans including her fiance are still in prison. more than a million chuck e cheese rings an eyeglasses are recalled. the consumer product safety
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commission says that the plastic can break and expose the button type batteries inside. one child swallowed a battery. firefighters push to save a family pet in oregon. a 1500-pound camel named moses was stuck in a muddy sinkhole. after four hours of digging and prodding, he freed up his bag legs and walked out of the hole. she's exhausted, but expected to be okay. interesting. >> all right, still ahead at noon, take a live look outside, stay tuned. we'll be back with the first warning weather forecast. first, let's look at today's midday stocks. i'm done with all these lists.
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it's 75 degrees and 41% humidity. at the beginning of the show, we talked about how the dry conditions have the high rays and red flag warnings to be issued over the next few days. special weather statements out now. northwest breeze at 7:00. the barometer's high. there's a big dome of high pressure and that runs the weather. that's going to be the case throughout the next five days with the acception of a coal front coming into view. that will dive our way and that's a graphic i want to show you. it will spread steady rain. we're on the southern edge of the rain. i'm not sure we get a lot of rain, maybe just showers and maybe scattered shower activity. sunny today and going for a high of 81 degrees. tonight, clear skies and 156 the overnight low. tomorrow, increasingly cloudy day. 86 and that's the warmest day
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out of the next five. humid and a little bit of a breeze and here comes the shower activity. igor, a category four, aimed at bermuda. it will probably attack bermuda as a category 3. there's going to be wave action for the united states this weekend. we could have situations along the shoreline anywhere from long island sound to the carolina cape to be honest. and julia is a category 4. it's following the same track asigor. and first time since the mid- 1920s we've had a category 4 storm in the atlantic at the same time. that's tropical storm karl and that will come to shore as a weak cat 1 if you will along the coast of central mexico.
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three named storms and none effect us. still to come at noon, hard to read the new study reveals that your personality type may effect your cardiovascular health. for more news, go to ,,
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a panel will consider the drug, merida, it can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke for those with underlying heart disease. today, it could be pulled off the market all together. it's banned in europe. the drug's maker says it's safe for people who don't have heart disease. osteoporosis drugs used to strengthen bones may raise a risk of fracture. drugs like these are effective, they may be linked to fractures in thigh bones. patients taking the drugs shouldn't stop them. if they experience pain, they should talk to their doctor.
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and your personality type may determine your future risk of heart problems. people with a d personality had a highier risk of heart problems. these people have high levels of anxiety, pessimism and depression. be sure to stay tuned tonight. a 91-year-old woman is attacked. the suspect and the accident that lead her family to the abuse. and by prescription only. over the counter cough medicines? that's after dr. phil. stay with us, the five-day forecast is next. ,,,,,,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget,
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the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. i want to mention the shower activity for late tomorrow afternoon and tonight. that's an operator error. 86 is the high. i'm not indicating much rain. we're not sure we'll get a lot. only a few showers and that will help the dry conditions. and sunny and dry, 80, 82 and 78 degrees. and the big time cbs lineup tonight two hour finale of big brother starts at 9:00 and followed by
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eyewitness news at 11:00 mr. foreman mens of a team in iran hope to challenge the sizes attitude in their country. they don't see their lack of height as a disadvantage. >> well, that's a great idea. >> look at the nfl, ray rice. amongst those giants. ,,,,,,,,,,
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